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is responsible for the design of large-scale media projects with a focus on contemporary history. The work of experts from academia, research and media in a single solution.

We specialize in exhibitions, professional documentaries, and international scientific projects. Our products range from exhibitions and professional documentaries to international scientific projects.

In addition to a large international network, VISUALHISTORY.TV owns an extensive media archive, including unreleased recordings of key events in European history.

We stive to new sources of pictorial history and to present them to an interested audience.

We are the ideal partner for exhibition curators, film-makers and scientists.

Together with our clients, we develop cost-effective, technical implementation of the desired content.

Mag. Rainer Hunger


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Prag 1968
Prag 1968 (c)Linhart/

Interview ORF
Interview für den ORF   

Halverson zu Besuch bei
"Candy Bomber" Gail Halverson
Gary Powers mit dem Sohn des
U2-Piloten Gary Francis Powers Jr.
vor der Berliner Mauer
ironcurtain foundation
Vertreter der Ironcurtain Foundation
Worldwide zu Gast bei - Rainer Hunger e.U. - Strohgasse 35/4, 1030 Wien - Tel: +43 1 943 6535 - E-Mail: info[at]