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Media archive

Private films and photographs are the ideal media to question, and also to complete the "official view".
We license our media and documents for exhibitions and media productions. holds a great archive of private recordings of events in contemporary history.


  • "Anschluss 1938" 90 minutes 16mm color film footage (incorporation of Austria into Greater Germany by Nazi Germany)
    -> "Österreich 1938 in Farbe"
  • Bomb damage in German cities - film footage.
  • Bomb damage in Vienna in color -film footage.
  • John F. Kennedy in Berlin, 1963 - film footage.
  • Film footage of the Iron Curtain, the German-German Border (Zonengrenze) and of the Berlin Wall.
  • Extensive film footage of everyday life in Austria, film footage of everyday life in the former Czechoslovakia, and film footage of everyday life in the former GDR. also holds an extensive archive of private photographs.


  • Photos Berlin bombings
  • Photos Day-by-day account of a a nurse on the Eastern Front
  • Photos The Berlin Wall
  • Photos John F. Kennedy, Konrad Adenauer and Willy Brandt in Berlin
  • Photos Crushing of the Prague Spring in 1968
  • Photos Velvet Revolution in 1989 owns numerous objects, documents, leaflets and private records.


  • Original Handbill of the resistance movement "White Rose" (Weiße Rose) (6th series)
  • Documents to "Anschluss 1938" (incorporation of Austria into Greater Germany by Nazi Germany)
  • Pamphlet collection from the end of the Prague Spring
  • 20 Border signs from the Berlin Wall, German-German Border ("Zonengrenze") and from the Iron Curtain

If interested, please contact: info[at]

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Dokumente Prag 1968

Berliner Mauer 1

Berliner Mauer 2
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